Inclusion Support

    How is support provided?

    Student support is coordinated by the Inclusion Support Teacher, working with Durack Staff and Department Advisors to identify and support students with specific needs.  The Inclusion Support Teacher oversees school wide intervention programs as well as facilitating targeted, in class intervention and support.  The Inclusion Support Teacher works with Durack Staff to monitor ongoing student progress and to adjust support when and where needed.

      Durack School has a wonderful team of Inclusion Support Assistants. Inclusion Support Assistants:

    • Support identified students in classrooms
    • Implement school wide and individual intervention programs.

    Students are placed in programs according to diagnosed needs, observed behaviours, academic progress and specialist recommendations.  Durack works with a wide range of specialist services and NDIS providers, including:

    • The Children's Development Team - who assess children's speech, occupational and physiotherapy needs
    • Student Service providers - who provide programming and planning support for students with hearing, vision, physical and behavioural needs
    • Private Therapy Services and NDIS Providers including:
      • Speech Therapists
      • Occupational Therapists
      • Behaviour Therapists
      • Play Therapists
    • Public and private sector paediatricians and psychologists

    Functional Fitness

    Durack School Heavy Work and Regulation Support

      Functional Fitness is a structured, 20 minute heavy work session that runs every day, prior to recess and supports regulation.   Students attend a predetermined number of sessions on assigned days.  In heavy work activities, the child's own weight creates resistance and may involve pushing, pulling or lifting weighted objects.  Heavy works to help calm and regulate our body, making us feel more oriented in space.  Without heavy work activities, children may seek sensory input by crashing, pushing, jumping or in other unsafe ways.  

      Durack is very fortunate to have a Support Assistant on staff that is also a Personal Trainer.  With her coaching, students check in on how they are feeling, warm up and then rotate through six structured activities for two minutes at each station.  Activities include crunches, squats, lunges, a pedal machine, skipping, wall pushes, soft weighted ball work and more.  We then cool down and stretch before our check out circle, highlighting the changes in our bodies and emotions once regulated.

How is support provided?

How is support provided?

Inclusion Support

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