Student Leadership

At Durack School we value and promote student voice. Student leadership positions are held in high regard by the school community. Student leaders represent the school in both the modelling of standards for their peers and younger students as well as the proactive develop of activities that represent the school community.

Students have opportunities to take on various leadership roles

School Captains and Vice-Captains

The role of the School Captains and Vice-Captains is to be the official representative of the whole student body at Durack School (Preschool to Year 6). They attend meetings with the Principal and others to discuss future plans for the school, as well as work towards a better school and school environment with the whole of the Student Leadership Council.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

House Captains and Vice Captains

The 3 House Teams are Argyle, Lissadell and Ivanhoe. In Term 1 elections are held to select (from students in years 5 and 6) the House Captains and Vice Captains. The House leaders promote sporting events organising weekly lunchtime games for students. They take a leading role in encouraging and motivating the house teams at assemblies and the annual Sports Day.

Student Leadership Council

Students from Year 3 to 6 are eligible to be a member of the SLC. The SLC supports the wellbeing of students by organising weekly lunch time activities, taking a role in the organisation of events, raising money for nominated charities and providing a voice for students through bringing student issues to the attention of the principal. SLC members take a leading role in running the fortnightly assembly through being the announcers and operating the audio equipment.

Student Leadership

Canteen Leaders

Assisting in the canteen is regarded a privilege and provides an opportunity to take on the real life work experience. Students complete an expression of Interest form co-signed by their parents. A prerequisite is being competent in handling money.

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