Student Wellbeing

Students are better able to engage fully with their learning when their social, emotional and physical wellbeing is healthy and they possess a strong sense of belonging and self-worth.

Initiatives and programs

Initiatives and programs to enhance student wellbeing and to meet the individual needs of all students at Durack School are:

  • Focus on the Durack School values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity
  • Implementation of the You Can Do It! Program to achieve, and experience, social and emotional well-being
  • Student leadership opportunities particularly for those in the upper primary years
  • A Buddy program which operates across the school. Students from the primary area team up with an early childhood class.
  • A Defence Force School Transition Aide to assist students from defence force families to transition into and out of the school
  • A Special Education Program
  • A Youth Engagement Officer and Attendance officer who offer support to families and students.
  • The Arts program and wide variety of sporting opportunities.

Student Wellbeing

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School opening Times

Students are supervised from 7.50am. Please do not drop children at school before this time.

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