History of Durack School

Founded in 1998

Durack School was opened in 1998 and named after the pioneering family ‘The Duracks’. The motto of the Durack family ‘Dignity and Determination’ and was adopted by the school. The House Teams are named after the Durack's cattle stations - Lissadell, Argyle and Ivanhoe.

The school today

The school facilities have expanded over the years with the latest development being an Aquaponics shed and a new classroom. Durack School has excellent facilities and is a very well-resourced school with up to date technology.

History of Durack School

History of Durack School

The School Crest

The shield represents the community protecting and nurturing its young. The colours - green and blue - represent the parks, lakes and golf course that surround the school. The white cross represents the Saint Andrew's Golf Course, the first course in the world. The capital 'D' in the centre of the cross represents the suburb and name of Durack as well as attributes of the Durack family: Determined and Dignified.

The crown represents the history of the Durack family, made popular by the author Mary Durack in her book, ‘Kings in Grass Castles’. It reminds the students that everyone can achieve success if they try hard and take advantage of the opportunities offered.

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School opening Times

Students are supervised from 7.50am. Please do not drop children at school before this time.

Students: 8:05am - 2:30pm Front Office: 7:45am - 3:15pm

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