29 April 2020
Posted on 31 May, 2016 in Events

Toad Bust Term 2

Toad Bust Term 2

Another GREAT night was had by all at the Term 2 toad bust. 124 people caught 1208 toads.

Big thank you to all the families who came along to help out, to Miss Walsh for helping out on the table, Mrs Grego for being brave enough to weigh and count toads and Graeme Sawyer for taking care of the toads afterwards.

The importance of this cause is demonstrated by the increasing number of toads that are out and about. This time last year 89 people caught just 521 toads. 

Since the Durack Toad Busts began in August 2014, we have removed 4501 cane toads from the Durack area. 

Mrs Edie, thank you for your tireless efforts in helping to keep our unique wildlife safe for future generations. 


Biggest toad - Team McLean (McLean) (400g) & Greenies (Fluri Timms) (400g)

Most toads caught – Team Heliconia (Lee)

Most toads caught per team member – Toadcrushers (Ledo Brady)


Biggest toad - Toadally Warted (Denne Hog Puckett Biradshall) (310g)

Most toads caught – American Toads (Burgess Lee Shaw Flanagan)

Most toads caught per team member – Professional Toad Catchers (Nichols)

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