29 April 2020
Posted on 16 August, 2016

The NED Show

The NED Show

On Wednesday 3rd August students were treated to The NED Show. The NED show promotes positive behaviours and academic achievement in primary school. NED is a loveable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best. Students learnt about these three key concepts through storytelling, magic, humour and yo-yo tricks. The show was free for students and funded through the sale of yoyos.

The NED Show was fantastic and enthralled students from preschool to year 6. The students loved the character and were using NED quotes in the playground after the event. One students said that he wanted to be just like NED!

The yoyos sold rapidly and a NED Zone was set up for practicing and demonstrating tricks. For many students playing with a yoyo was a brand new experience.

Thank you to Mrs Saunders for organising this very worthwhile performance and introducing students to the ‘yoyo’!

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