29 April 2020
Posted on 28 March, 2016

Harmony Day

Harmony Day

On Monday 21st March Durack School celebrated Harmony Day. This is the day when we celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and share what we have in common. The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’. Children across the school wore orange, the colour representing Harmony Day and participated in a range of activities.

Year 3 Gronholt and their buddies from 1 Colling worked together to create Japanese Kinobori fish. Year 1/2 Robbins completed a great work of art showing the world and its different nationalities joining together. Transition Fullarton created a Harmony Day poster and Preschool Way all the hands together around the world. Year 3 Camigla completed a weaving activity and were treated to cheese sticks from the Philippines and Mexican Nachos.Year 5/6 classes celebrated Harmony Day by bringing a plate of food representing their cultural heritage to share with their friends. . At the assembly last Friday the junior choir celebrated by singing ‘We are the World’ and the upper primary choir by singing ‘Waka Nini Yana’, an Indigenous song.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day

Harmony Day

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