29 April 2020
Posted on 27 April, 2017

First Aid Visit

First Aid Visit

To start Term 2, all classes at Durack School were paid a visit from NT St John First Aid trainers, who raised awareness of the various dangers around student’s homes and their environment. Some of the dangers included:

  • Spilt water on the floor
  • Hot pots and pans on the stove
  • Standing on chairs
  • Holding scissors safely
  • Dangers in the water
  • Dangers within classrooms

Students learnt how to recognise danger, how to check for responses, how they can help, who to call and how to treat some injuries.

First Aid treatments were hands on, educational and fun. Depending on the year level, students were able to practice treating a nose bleed, bandaging an injury and even resuscitation.

The visit was excellent in raising awareness of students and giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to help in various situations.

First Aid Visit

First Aid Visit

First Aid Visit

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