29 April 2020
Posted on 18 March, 2016

Durack School Board



The Durack School Council held its Annual general Meeting yesterday evening, March 15th. It was a landmark meeting as it resulted in the formation of a School Board, replacing the former School Council. This change occurred because Durack is an Independent Public School.

THE BOARD consists of the following members.

Parent Members:

Chair person, Wally Mauger

Treasurer, Lyndell Nichols

Secretary, Bindi Johnson

Members, Carl O’Connor and Claire Morton.

Teacher Members: Heather Stedman, Assistant Principal, Simone Timms, Senior Teacher.

Independent Members: Lia Finocchiaro, Vicki-Leigh Lettice

Principal: Sheila Delahay


Fundraising and Events: Danielle Harris, Chloe Burgess,

Canteen: Claire Morton, Heather Stedman

Finance: Lyndell Nichols - Treasurer, Sheila Delahay - Principal; Cathy Kerr, - Administration Manager

Administration Assistant: Dianne Carrier.

There is an opportunity for interested parents to be on the various subcommittees. This may include general assistance and may not necessarily need formal meetings. For more information email Wally Mauger, Chairperson at [email protected]

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