29 April 2020
Posted on 04 April, 2017

Crocwise Information Sessions

Crocwise Information Sessions

We live in Crocodile Country!

On Thursday and Friday of Week 8, students across the school participated in Crocwise sessions delivered by Parks & Wildlife. Tim Porter talked about the dangers of local waterways and how to be safe in these areas. This is especially important given the recent capture of a freshwater crocodile in the lakes around Durack School. It is a common misconception that freshwater crocodiles are not dangerous. Tim shared that they can grow up to 3.5m and could easily seriously injure a human. Students were encouraged to be safe around waterways by keeping back at least 5 large steps from the edge of water, not to clean fish near the water's edge or near boat ramps, keep hands and feet inside of the boat, and to only swim if there is a sign saying it is safe to do so.

The key Crocwise messages are:

1. Crocs are common

2. Crocs move around

3. Crocs are deadly

4. Read and obey all signs

Crocwise Information Sessions

Crocwise Information Sessions

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