29 April 2020
Posted on 13 June, 2017

2017 Musica Viva Performance

2017 Musica Viva Performance

The students from Transition to Year 6 were treated to a brilliant performance when Makukuhan visited on Monday 29th May.

Makukuhan is a dynamic mini-Gamelan Indonesian orchestra, whose performances are a riot of colour and rhythm, including pitch-bending drums, mesmerising masked dance and unbelievably rapid Javanese clapping. The Indonesian trio, who visited as a part of the Musica Viva program brought with them a true reflection of their culture. Each of the musical pieces they performed were from different parts of Indonesia; West Java, East Java, Central Java and Bali. Each had quite a different focus. 

One focus was to support students’ hand games, another identified playing in unison and distinct interlocking vocal patterns which the students were involved in. Another song focused on using vocal percussion with everyone joining in to create a sound which resembled an army of monkeys! The final piece highlighted how the musicians and dancer connect to help create the atmosphere necessary when telling a story. The dancer, in this case, also wore a mask to help identify the character.

The group performed two concerts and from all the positive comments afterwards it is clear that the students gained a great deal from the experience.

2017 Musica Viva Performance

2017 Musica Viva Performance

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